Packing Tips

Packing Tips



When packing for your trip please keep in mind it is always best to travel light. Furthermore the trunk capacity of your Beetle is fairly small. In the event that all your luggage cannot fit in the trunk you will have to store them on the rear seats of your car which is not ideal as they will be visible to passers by. If you happen to purchase items along the way and have trouble fitting them in your car you will have the option to store them in our roadside assistance truck if space permits.

The Traveling Beetle strongly recommends you do not travel with hard luggage but opt for soft bags instead (soft bags are lighter and generally require far less space).


Items to pack

Mexico's climate is generally sunny and warm. Most of the places you will be visiting enjoy spring–like weather all year–round. Temperatures during the day vary between 21 and  26 degrees but may drop significantly in the more mountainous areas and during the night. The warmest months of the year are April and May before the rainy season kicks in (June to Sept./Oct.) During this season, rains are not continuous but sporadic and the skies quickly clear up again. Be sure to pack a light jacket/windbreaker and a good sweater for the evenings.. Remember to bring sunglasses, a bathing suit and sunscreen, which is sometimes hard to find.


Must have’s

Sunglasses - Hat / cap – Sunscreen - Light clothes – Swimwear - Windbreaker

Papers to have on hand: passport, driver’s license (of course), copy of your travel insurance, etc.