• A GPS (just in case you lose your way)
  • A CD, MP3 & Ipod compatible Alpine stereo (so you can listen to your favorite tunes while on the road)
  • A short wave radio (to communicate with other travelers in your group and to call for road assistance should you need it)
  • A local cell phone (to stay in touch with friends and family, limited use)
  • A first aid kit (for little scratches and "bug" bites)


Perhaps some of you will wonder why we chose the Beetle as our exclusive means of transportation to visit Mexico. We have more than one answer to that question. First and foremost, we all love the Beetle for its legendary design, robustness and cult status. Second, the story of the Beetle is intimately intertwined with that of Mexico’s modern history

Originally designed in Germany in 1934 as the “peoples’ car” (Volkswagen), the Beetle is perhaps one of the greatest cars ever built. Simple yet extremely reliable, few cars – if any – have aged without a wrinkle the way it has. Sure, manufacturers have since developed higher-performance engines and better aerodynamics but have any of them even come close to creating a car with the universal appeal and exceptional longevity of the Beetle?

While other engines may be faster, few will go further than that of a Beetle! Newer car designs may be slicker, but hardly any can equal the soft, warm lines of the Beetle. Although today’s manufacturers are constantly improving safety, the Beetle’s ergonomics, low ground clearance and rear pivotable axis still give it road holding capabilities that can make her contemporaries blush. In short the Beetle is a truly amazing car.

Ours are even more so as we take great pride in restoring them, equipping them with modern accessories and maintaining them before and after each trip. Although our cars may look vintage, don’t be fooled – they are every bit as good as new...

Our commitment

At The Traveling Beetle we take your safety seriously. For this reason we guarantee that the car you will receive will have been properly maintained and thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic before your departure.

• All cars are in mint condition;

• Tires, brakes, suspension and steering are checked before and after each trip;

• Engines are serviced and tuned before each tour.

In the unlikely event you experience any mechanical issues along the way a team mechanic will service your car and get you going again as fast as possible.

So get ready to visit Mexico in a VW convertible!