What kind of tours do you offer?

The Traveling Beetle offers a variety of travel options; from guided road tours and self-drives to city tours and short getaways. So whether you want to drive or be driven, travel on your own or with a small group, enjoy the services of a guide or explore the country on your own, chances are we've got the perfect fit for you.

What are the differences between your tours?

Our tours can be broken up into two categories: Road Trip Vacations and City Tours & Getaways. Our Road Trip Vacations include tours of a week or more to various destinations in Mexico, while our City Tours and Getaways focus on day trips or overnights excursions.

Do I always get to drive?

That very much depends on you. During the course of our week-long or more road trips, our guests usually drive unless they specifically request the services of a chauffeur. Our City Tours & Getaways, on the other hand, include your own personal driver so that you can avoid the stress of driving in and around Mexico City.

What type of Road Tour Vacations do you offer?

Our most popular Road Trip Vacations are our guided road trips where you travel in your own convertible Beetle while enjoying the presence of a roadside assistance vehicle with a guide and mechanic on board. The guide is available whenever you need him or her during your trip while the mechanic is on hand for car maintenance and in the unlikely event you experience a mechanical failure. On some specific itineraries, we offer our guests self-drive options or the possibility for them to travel on their own and without the services of a guide and mechanic. Self-drive trips still include most of the logistics of your trip (detailed itineraries, hotel bookings, travel book, insurance and your Beetle of course), but do not include the presence of a guide or on-site support vehicle nor the gas you use during the trip.

What kind of City Tours & Getaways do you offer?

The Traveling Beetle offers several different types of theme-driven City Tours which generally last a day. Our Getaways on the other hand are centered on destinations within a 2-3 hour drive from Mexico City and include an overnight stop. Their duration is of 2 days.

What are your best City Tours & Getaways?

That very much depends on who you ask. They are all very different and focus on different themes or places. Whatever floats your boat is probably the best City Tour or Getaway for you.

What do you think is the best itinerary?

All of our road trips are exciting. However some may appeal to you more than others. At the Traveling Beetle we are particularly fond of the Colonial Cities Tour as each city and town on the way has a very different look & feel to it and all are within reasonable driving distances. That said, you may prefer nature over culture and opt to climb up among mountains and make your way through the jungle until you reach the Ocean. If you are not sure which itinerary is best for you our teams are here to help. We will listen to your needs and expectations and give you all the facts and information so that you can choose the trip that’s right for you.

Will there be a support team on hand if I need assistance?

While all our guided road trips are followed by one of our support teams which includes both a guide to show you around and answer your questions and a mechanic to oversee your car, our self-drive tours do not offer 24/7 assistance. However, remote assistance is offered for all travelers that have elected one of our self-drive tours. In the event your car experiences a failure that cannot be fixed by one of our local partner mechanics, we will send a roadside assistance team from Mexico City and if necessary a replacement car. Whether you chose a guided road trip. self-drive or one of our city tours or getaways, rest assured your will never be left to work it out on your own!

I don’t speak Spanish. How will I communicate with your staff and the locals?

Members of our staff are all bilingual English/Spanish speakers. Some are also fluent in French. Our tours are therefore available in all three languages and our staff on hand to assist you with any needed translation.

Why is your fleet of cars entirely made up of Beetles?

The last of the line of original Beetles was built in Mexico in 2003. Their unique attributes (legendary design, robustness & cult status) make them the ideal car to explore Mexico. In addition, Mexico’s modern history is intimately intertwined with that of the Beetle. Mexicans consider the Beetle a national treasure and in July 2003 when the last Beetle rolled of the assembly line, Mexicans paid it a moving tribute to it. With over 21 million manufactured, the air-cooled, rear-engine and rear-wheeled drive Beetle is the most popular car of all times.

Is a vintage Beetle really a safe car to travel in?

Yes and yes! Although automobile manufacturers have produced hundred of models since the Beetle was designed, few if any have a sturdier engine than the Beetle. Its ergonomics, low ground clearance and rear pivotal axis all give the Beetle exceptional road holding capabilities. Furthermore, all of our cars have been lovingly restored and enhanced and their engines rebuilt by professional mechanics. Last they are meticulously checked before and after each trip. Although our cars may look vintage, they are in fact as good as new.

Are your Beetles outfitted with special equipment?

Yes. Although our Beetles are not quite the James Bond 007 types, they do come with a couple of cool accessories such as a GPS, car stereo with MP/Ipod player, cooler for your drinks and a compact CB radio to communicate with other drivers and/or your support team.

Will I be assigned my very own Beetle?

Yes. If you are traveling with your spouse, partner or a friend you will share the same car. Although a Beetle will fit up to four people, we do not recommend that you all crowd into one, it’s better to split up into teams of two. You’ll be more comfortable and can stay in regular contact with the others by radio.

Can children travel with their parents?

Yes, and they can of course travel with their parents in a single car. Although we do not impose a minimum age for children, we recommend that you do not travel with kids under the age of 7. The trip might be a bit tough on them and therefore on you.

How much will I really be able to do on my own when traveling with one of your groups?

Our road trips offer you unprecedented flexibility. Although we map out your itinerary and book your accommodation ahead of time, you are free to: drive along with the group, team up with other travelers or go your own way and meet up with the group at the next scheduled overnight stop. You can even decide to modify the itinerary along the way. However, if you choose to do so, please keep in mind that our teams (guide and mechanic) will no longer be able to assist you on the spot and that any additional expenses will be out of your own pocket (hotels, extra gas, and tolls).

Why aren’t all meals included?

The only meal included is breakfast when we all meet to discuss the day’s itinerary. Other meals are not included as many travelers wish to wander on their own and lunch and/or dine when and where they want. In any event, our staff will provide you with a list of restaurants and cool eateries in each city and town you visit.

I have been reading scary headlines about Mexico. Is the country a safe place to visit?

Recent international headlines have put Mexico in the spotlight and unfortunately not for the right reasons. Since President Felipe Calderon declared an open war on drug cartels in 2006 the level of violence has considerably increased. However, most drug related violence occurs in border towns and areas hundreds of miles away from where you will be traveling. Some other states of the country have also been affected by occasional outbreaks of violence but in planning our itineraries we carefully consider your security and will make sure you will never travel to a zone that may present any risk. Also bear in mind that Mexico is no less safe than any other country if you travel to the right places with the right people.

What precautions should I take regarding food and water? Is good medical assistance available?

Travelling in any tropical country merits certain precautions. We have chosen accommodations and recommended restaurants with your comfort and hygiene in mind. Please remember that it is advised not to drink tap water but that bottled water is available even in the smallest towns and villages. Our team has all the standard medications on hand for minor illnesses and bobos, as well as list of doctors and medical facilities in the places you will be travelling through. You will find in Mexico most standard health products and medications in Mexico, however if you are taking prescription drugs be sure to note their active ingredients as they often go by different names.   

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