About TTB

About TTB


Back in 2011, when The Traveling Beetle first introduced its concept of road trip vacations across Mexico in classic Beetle convertibles, the idea was simple: to offer travelers from around the globe a different way to discover Mexico and a true alternative to the travel industry's standard "one-size-fits-all" group tours.

From the very beginning, we designed our tours to offer modern and curious travelers both the freedom of travel and the comfort of a hassle free journey. Tours that would be flexible and adaptable and allow travelers to stop along the way, travel at their own pace and most importantly adapt their trip as they saw fit.

From our first guided Beetle tours in Mexico we have traveled a long way, just as our Beetles have, to offer travelers new ways of discovering some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world and gain insight into the culture, history and people of an amazing country.

Today, from guided road trips and self-drives to city tours and short getaways, The Traveling beetle offers the adventurous, contemplative or busy traveler more ways than ever to experience Mexico. So are you ready for your Mexican adventure?


Guided road trip vacations: Enjoy the services of a guide. Choose your itinerary and whether you wish to travel with the group or on your own between each scheduled stop. Either way, your hotels are booked and a support team is just minutes away. 

Self-drives: Hit the road on your own; we'll map out the best itinerary, book the finest hotels and share all our tips and favorite spots for a successful journey.

City Tours & Short Getaways: Discover Mexico City and its surroundings in an iconic Beetle convertible with your own personal driver and guide.  Theme-driven day tours and overnight trips for busy travelers that want to get the most out of Mexico City!